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Norman Cocktail Recipes

Looking for Normandy cocktail recipes using apple juice or local spirits such as cider, pommeau or Calvados? Discover recipe ideas to refresh and delight your guests at Normandy-themed aperitifs or meals.

Alcohol-free Norman cocktails

Apple Cobbler

4 cl. Lemon Juice
12 cl. Apple Juice
2 Teaspoons Vanilla Sugar

Apple Fizz
2-3 cl. Lemon Juice
10 cl. Apple Juice
1 Egg White
2 Teaspoons Vanilla Sugar

Apple Rose
3 cl. Raspberry Syrup
9 cl. Schweppes Citron
9 cl. Apple Juice

Pickling Fruit
2 cl. Mint Syrup
5 cl. Apple Juice
10 cl. Indian Tonic


6 cl. Liquid Honey
6 cl. Apple Juice
4 cl. Lemon Juice
4 cl. Orange Juice


4 cl. Blackcurrant Syrup
10 cl. Apple Juice
6 cl. Perrier

Apple Juice

1 l. Apple Juice
1 Apple
2 Untreated Lemons

Norman cocktails with alcohol

Le Normand

Mint leaves
1 tablespoon raspberry syrup
20cl. cider
5cl. Calvados

Apple Sunrise

4 cl Calvados
9 cl Orange Juice
2 cl Crème de Cassis


3.5 cl Calvados
3,5 cl Benedictine

Vrai Normand

3 cl Calvados
2 cl Pommeau
6 cl Apple Juice
1 cl Grenadine

La Cidria

1 / 10 Calvados
1 / 10 Orange Juice
7 / 10 Sweet Cider
Place in a container and macerate for 2 h with apples, oranges, cherries, melons, strawberries and add 2 spoonfuls of caster sugar per glass.

The 100% Apple

2 cl Calvados apple liqueur
3 cl Calvados Jeune
4 cl apple juice

Calvados Tonic

3 /10 of Calvados
7 /10 of Schweppes

Le Normandy

2 / 10 of Calvados
2 / 10 of Bénédictine
2 / 10 of Pommeau de Normandie
4 / 10 Champagne

Le Pré Bocage

2 /10 Calvados
3 /10 Benedictine
5 /10 Orange Juice
1 dash Mint Syrup Green

La Foutinette

Hot cider
1 bottle cider
1 cinnamon stick
8 cl Calvados
The juice of one lemon
Sugar, to taste
Heat cider with cinnamon over low heat. Leave to infuse for 5 minutes.
Add the lemon, sweeten and bring to the boil. As soon as it boils, add the calvados, flambé, and immediately remove from the heat.

Apple Mojito

4 cl Calvados
1 cl lime juice
1 cl white cane sugar syrup
8 mint leaves
8 cl canada dry
Pillared ice cubes

Happy tasting to you

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume in moderation